Choose Your Preferred Fitting Option


ChainCraft offers a well-developed range of fitting options, to deliver a quality effect to your space.

Our range of options include:

  • Slim and discreet fixed rail options
  • Moveable curtain style rail options
  • Straight and curved rail options
  • A freestanding option, where the chain curtain is not fitted to a wall or fixture
  • More specific hanging options for special effects and applications

We can happily discuss with you the best option for your project.  Simply Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Our Range of Rail Systems

Fixed Frame Options

Minioval – mini curved style rail
Slim – rectangular and discreet
40 x 3 – a light style of rail
Quad – a square style rail

Movable Curtains

Chain Drapery – using a minioval rail
Quad Transversing – square style rail
Quad Sliding – square style rail

Special Effects and Applications

BCN Tensed
BCN Framed

Freestanding Frame

Feel Free
BCN Frame Divider

A Closer Look at the Fixed Frame Options


Just as the name conveys, the design of the hanging rail is in a stylish half oval design.  Suitable for use for applications that are either straight or curved.


This is a rectangular style of hanging rail, that is very discreet and ideal for placements where the rail does not need to stand out. This can be used for straight or curved applications.

40 x 3

Our most popular option for shapes. Where a slim hanging rail is desired, this is the slimmest of our hanging options. Suitable for straight or curved applications.


This is a square box style hanging rail, suitable for a wide range of applications. This can be used for straight or curved applications.

A Closer Look at the Movable Curtains

Chain Drapery

Appropriate to the name, this hanging option lets you create a curtain with drapery affect, which you can easily slide along to open and close … just like a conventional curtain. Note that the metal chain is fastened to a flexible textile strip, to deliver this level of flexibility.

Quad Transversing

This incorporates the square box style of the ‘Quad’, but with the additional feature of a flexible textile strip. This allows the option of producing a flat or wave type affect.

Quad Sliding

Another variation of the ‘Quad’ box style. With the ‘sliding’ element, it enables the design to deliver a ‘panel’ style hanging effect. This fully movable rail system, is ideal for those seeking a panel effect.

A Closer Look at the Special Effects Options


This hanging structure/frame is designed to allow the combination of different densities, shapes, and chain lengths to achieve surprising effects and volumes.

BCN Tensed

This rail system uses both a ceiling and floor fastening feature with an inbuilt spring system on the upper part, to ensure deliver stability of the hanging chains.

BCN Framed

Similar to the BCN Tensed option with two side bars that complete and form a frame for the hanging curtains.

A Closer Look at the Freestanding Frame

Feel Free

This is a freestanding frame option that provides a stand for the hanging chains/curtains, without fixing to a ceiling or wall.

image of free standing chain divider