Choose Your Preferred Chain Link Size and Spacing

With our elegant hanging curtains and screens we provide the perfect solution to create a visual space and interior fit out design options to meet your specific needs. In addition to choice of colours and hanging options, you can choose between our two chain link sizes, and our two chain link spacing options. Both these influence the level of density and finished look of your chain curtain.

Chain Link Sizes | 2 Options: You can choose between our two chain link sizes. Kriska, is the larger chain link, Snina is the smaller and more delicate link.

Chain Link Spacings | 2 Options: We have two options – our ‘standard’ spacing and our ‘half drop’ spacing option. The half drop has a higher density look than the ‘standard’.

Depending on your spatial design requirements, fit out options, and level of transparency desired, our size and spacing options help you to further refine your interior approach.

Chain Link Sizes

Two Options:


The durable and highly versatile star of the show.


Snina plays an important role if you are seeking definition and delicacy.

Chain Link Spacings

Standard Spacing

The ‘standard’ option provides a look of perfect symmetry. The chain lines are harmonically aligned, to present a strong, balanced look. All chain pieces are fitted in an aligned manner. This option is suitable for most uses.


78 Strands per linear metre or rail


100 Strands per linear metre or rail

Half Drop Spacing

The half-drop density option provides a higher opacity and a stronger visual impact. It is less translucent, and due to its style, it creates a stronger visual impact. The chain pieces are fitted and hang in a more mesh like style.


100 Strands per linear metre or rail


132 Strands per linear metre or rail